A visit from someone who’s no longer alive? Is that really possible?

Have you ever sensed a person or pet who has died or left your life another way? Heard them? Seen them in the distance, or just disappearing around a corner? Even smelled the scent they wore? If so, you’re not alone.

One of the things I've learned from working with grieving people is that this kind of thing happens far more often than most people are aware.

I think these experiences aren’t well known (outside of the movies) because the people who have them think they’ll get laughed at if they tell anyone. Or the response may be an emphatic suggestion to go see a mental health practitioner. So it makes sense to *not* tell anyone, in case they choose the wrong person.

Nearly every time someone tells me about an experience of this, they also say, “This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone.”

Twice yesterday I caught what seemed like a glimpse of my previous dog, out of the corner of my eye. It could have easily been a reflection in my glasses, but both times I thought of her at the same moment. And I’ve had this type of experience before, sometimes with pets and sometimes with people.

When we have these experiences, I don't think we have to be certain what's happening. It could be a trick of your brain, trying to recapture memories. Or a strong yearning to re-experience the physical connection you had when they were living with you. Or it could be an actual visit by the being that’s no longer in its body.

People have different opinions about what’s happening. Some people will be absolutely certain it's a message from the person or pet who has died or no longer lives with them. Others dismiss the idea completely. (Or, at least they say they do.) But few of us would turn down another chance to see a loved one – pet or person – one more time.

I suggest that, whether you scoff at the idea or welcome the possibility, what's *most* important is to keep the bond strong between you two, and let the love continue to flow between you.


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