Are you or a loved one facing a serious illness or terminal diagnosis?
(a human or an animal companion)
Has someone dear to you died or left your life another way?
(a human or a pet)
Does your heart ache from “the costs of caring”?
(when you're working or volunteering to better the world)

Life can hand you some pretty painful times…

A serious illness or terminal diagnosis – for you or someone close.

The death of someone you love (a human or a pet).

Or, if you’re in a caring profession, your heart can be smashed by “the costs of caring.”

Any of these can be horribly difficult…. Painful… Exhausting… Isolating… Paralyzing… Demoralizing… Even scary. You feel so very off balance and wonder if you can ever feel normal again.

You can get stuck in your pain.
Or you can learn to trust the core of your responses, and re-embrace the love and connection you fear you’ve lost forever.
Your love for someone who may die soon. Your connection to someone who has died or left your life another way. Or your connection to yourself.

With support from someone who understands, it’s likely that you can find ways to face this experience and move through it. Even learn to weave it into your life in a positive way.

If life has been pretty good until this situation came along, I’d love to help you get back there. Show you new ways to cope. Celebrate your successes. And see you return to your bright, joyful self. (Remember feeling that way?!)

Please click any of the green buttons below to see how my services can help you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Coping with someone's serious illness? Or yours?
Or, ready to plan for it?

When a human or animal you love is extremely ill, it can be hard to handle – both your emotions and the practical parts.

If it’s you who’s facing a significant illness or the end of your life, you need someone who won’t shy away from difficult topics. Like dying. And related existential/spiritual questions.

And, if you’re considering setting up things now to save your family or other loved ones from having to make impossible decisions for you later, I can help you with that, too.

If your animal companion is seriously ill, is getting old, or will need to leave your home, it can be even harder to find support and answers. Sometimes, you don’t even know the questions!

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Grieving the death of someone you love?

When a special person dies, you can be left feeling utterly lost. Grief can be confusing and take you completely off balance.

And most of your friends really don't want to hear about it, right?

You want to know if you're going crazy, and how to deal with it all. I can help you with all that.

If you want, we can even explore how your grief can help you understand your own life better.

When an animal companion dies – or leaves your life in another way – it can feel like you have to hide what you’re going through from the rest of the world.

Which, of course, makes it even worse.

Been there, done that! Plus I’ve been providing grief support for over 20 years.

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Feeling like you can't care about anyone any longer?

If your work or volunteer efforts focus on making someone else's life better (human, animal, community, society, or the Earth), you can have your heart torn out when you least expect it.

Or maybe you've come to expect that, and you're feeling like you just can't do this any more.

Before you give up, let me help you understand what's going on, how common it is, and what you can do to fix it and avoid it in the future. Because you love this work and the world needs you!

Call it compassion fatigue, empathy fatigue, moral injury, or burnout, there's definitely a way back to loving your life again. And returning to enjoying your healing, helping, caring work.

Help with planning. Understandable information. Compassionate support.
Contact me to learn more: (541) 255-7116 or care @

(I do not offer counseling or therapy, but if that is appropriate for you I’ll give you referrals to other appropriate professionals.)

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