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This is an evolving list of businesses and other organizations in Lane County, Oregon, and online (links will likely open in a new window). Please check back periodically, and feel free to let me know if you see any errors or know of a resource that should be added.

These listings are meant to help reduce the amount of searching you need to do during a difficult time. They are not recommendations. Please do your own research and make your decisions based on your situation and what is most important to you.

Please choose from these topics:

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Children/Teens & grief

Courageous Kids – 541-242-8693 – Support groups, theater troupe, summer camp, for ages 6 to 18, in Eugene, Oregon.

The Dougy Center – Lots of good information about how grief can affect kids, teens, and young adults.

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Serious Illness & End of Life

Advance Directive form for Oregon residents (PDF):

Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association – Information on end-of-life choices in Oregon.

Get Palliative Care – Information about palliative care. (Note: the Provider Directory is not complete.)

Hospice and Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act – Includes links to resources on Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

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Animal Companions

For people whose pets are seriously ill or injured – must be relinquished – have been given a terminal diagnosis – or have died, been lost, or left the home another way.

Mobile veterinarians in Lane County, Oregon: Mobile veterinarians provide their services in the homes of their clients. Those listed below offer palliative care consults and home euthanasia. Some provide full veterinary services. If you have a working relationship with a veterinary team, their ongoing knowledge of your animal and your values can be beneficial in diagnosing and choosing treatment. The following listings are not meant to suggest that you leave an established relationship with your current veterinary team.

Dr Roberta Boyden – (541) 357-4130

Pacific Magnolia Vet – Dr Molly Stewart – (541) 968-9979 –

Dr Rebecca LaMarche – (541) 359-4772

Oregon Holistic Veterinary Services – Dr Ann Swartz –

Dr Devon Trottier – (541) 935-7169

Eugene Mobile Vet Services – Dr. Bonnie Burns Oberlander – (541)-510-9401 –

There are many veterinary clinics and hospitals in our area that can be found by searching on Oregon Veterinary Medicine Association’s website:

Home Nursing Care

CatNurse on Call & CatNurse Cottage – Randi Golub, CVT – (541) 514-1472 – – Provides care for almost all domesticated animals.

Pet Crematories

Rest Assured Pet Cremation – (541) 746-0244

Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries – (541) 686-2818 –

Smith · Lund · Mills – (541) 942-0185 –

Pet Cemeteries

Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries – (541) 686-2818 –

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Helping & Healing Professions and Volunteering

Professional Quality of Life 5 measures: test and self-score –

Help with planning. Understandable information. Compassionate support.
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