If you're having a tough time in life,
Companioning Care LLC can help you through.

There are some things that happen in life that need a different kind of help than counseling or therapy. Sometimes what's best is simply supportive care from someone who can help you find your way through the changes in life that don't need fixing. Someone with plenty of experience in change/loss/grief — both professionally and personally — and the education and clinical training to back it up. Someone with a compassionate heart.

Life brings changes. When the changes are difficult, connect with Companioning Care LLC for support and information.

Hi. My name is Marcella. I help you explore the changes you're going through. Provide information about the process. Help you understand what's normal and what might not be. Point you to useful resources, both inside yourself and outside of you. Because the chances are very good that you can do this with just a bit of support.

There's more information on this website about the help I can provide for you — or feel free to just contact me and we can talk.

Every change in life includes letting go of something.
Grief is a natural process.

If someone important to you is extremely ill or has died, you may be feeling a deeper grief than you expected. Dive into the website to learn about coping or grief support groups, and/or individual and family coping or grief support. I also provide consultation on many aspects of planning for death, facing death, and supporting those in your life who are grieving.

Pet Grief, for coping with an animal companion's aging, terminal illness, or injury — and grieving after a pet's death or other pet loss, is a special program of Companioning Care LLC Grief Support.