Grief support groups

You will find safe space at the groups I facilitate

Here you will find a group of supportive people. Some who are new to their grief and some who have been walking this path for varying amounts of time. Some who don't talk much, and some who want to share the experiences of their grief. They all love and miss the one who died.

Sometimes, it's healing just to be with people who understand our grief because they're feeling it too. Beyond that, we can learn from each other's grief journeys. And I can help you see what is healthy about what you're going through, and offer pointers to look for as you walk the path of grief.

I facilitate groups so that each person who wants to share has a chance and no one gets all the attention. And so that people who don't want to talk can feel supported in that. We will learn about grief in general so that you can see how it relates to you.

Unless otherwise noted, all groups are open — new people can start at any meeting. Please contact me before your first group meeting so we can make certain it is the best group for you.

Specialty grief support groups

(disenfranchised grief)

The illness or death of an animal companion (your pet):

Sadness over a deeply loved pet's serious illness or death can hit us much harder than we expect.

These feelings and concerns cannot be shared with everyone. As you may already know, many people do not understand the important position that pets can hold in our lives. Since we don't know who will be supportive, we often feel like there is no one we can talk to. Meeting with a group of people going through similar experiences can be very helpful.

At this time, I am offering several Pet Grief support groups. Please see the page on Pet Grief for more information.

The loss of a job, a career, a home, or a relationship

Some kinds of changes unrelated to a death may bring up grief, even if our society doesn't generally recognize that or want to talk about it. In some cases, even a positive change can include giving up a hope or a dream – even when we're ready to move on, there can still be grief about what we leave behind. Knowing that you are not the only one going through this can help your process feel more normal. And when you know that it's normal, it can feel easier, and might even go faster.

I plan to have groups for other significant changes and losses later this year: job, career, home, relationship, etc, but will start those earlier if there is a demand for them. Please let me know what you need!