Grief is a healthy response
to the loss of someone or something that has been deeply meaningful to you.

It is often particularly strong when the loss is the death of someone you care about or who has been meaningful in your life. Other significant changes can also bring up grief. Even just knowing you are going to lose someone or something important can start the process.

If you are grieving, you may need some extra support — more than your friends and relatives can give you.

In individual meetings, family meetings, or in grief support groups, I offer you:

Grief is a natural process.

I will meet you where you are in your process, listen empathetically and compassionately, and offer ideas to make it easier for you.

You want to be sure the person you choose to work with really understands grief and can offer compassionate support. My understanding of grief goes far beyond personal experiences of the deaths of family members, friends, and animal companions. I have more education and training in grief support than most therapists and counselors have received. Please see the About page for more about my background and education.

You can be certain that if I see you would benefit from counseling or therapy in addition to — or instead of — the support I offer, I will tell you and offer you referrals to professionals in those disciplines.

Life is change. All kinds of change can bring grief.

Even a change that is desired and strived for can bring a sense of grief for what is being left behind. Support from an experienced, compassionate professional can help and I would be honored to provide that service for you.

Please contact me about personal grief support. And let me know if you're interested in a grief support group.