When a pet dies
 – or when we believe a pet may die soon –
grief is a normal and healthy response.

Even if the rest of the world doesn't seem to think so.

Because so many people don't understand how important our pets can be to us, it can be very hard to find someone we can talk with about what we're going through when a pet is seriously ill or has died.

Meeting with a group of people who understand can make it easier for you to face your sadness. And facing it generally makes it easier to get through.

Companioning Pet Grief support groups are carefully facilitated so that everyone who wants to share has time. People who may not want to speak is also welcome. Over the years, grief professionals have found that simply coming to a group can help people process their grief.

Choose from three kinds of support group meetings:
    • if your pet has a life-threatening injury or a terminal illness – Coping Support.
    • if your pet has died or other pet loss (for example, divorce or a pet who got lost) – Grief Support.
    • and occasional special meetings, such as creative or other activities.

We meet in my professional office, which is centrally located in the Eugene / Springfield area. It's convenient from Highway 105 / 126 and from Delta Highway – between Oakway Center and Valley River Center.

Support group meetings are offered on a sliding scale: $3 to $12. You choose how much to pay each time.

Before you attend your first meeting, please contact me for a quick chat to make sure the group you're interested in is a good fit for your situation: 541 255-7116.

Grief is a natural process.

There's more about the groups I facilitate here. If you'd like, you can learn more about me and my professional background on the About page. For personalized individual or family sessions for any death or loss, see Private. I look forward to talking with you and seeing how I can help you: (541) 255-7116.